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Архивное содержание

Примечание: это архивная страница, и ее содержимое, скорее всего, устарело.

Update ScanSnap Software

Recent Modifications

The following new functions have been added.

  • ScanSnap Receipt
  • Enhanced book image correction and background colour removal (SV600 only)
  • TScan wirelessly to your PC or Mac computer (iX500 and iX500 Deluxe only)<
  • Scan to Kindle™ devicess
  • Scan to Mobile devices

To update ScanSnap Manager, ScanSnap Organizer, CardMinder and Rack2-Filer, either:

Option 1) Visit our Support pageOpen a new window to download the latest updates for your ScanSnap

Update from Web

Option 2) From the Windows [Start] menu, select [All Programs] → [Application] → [Online Update]

ScanSnap Manager update online

Option 3a) In ScanSnap Manager's Right-Click Menu, click [Help] → [Online Update]

Cardminder update online - help menu

Option 3b) In ScanSnap Organizer or CardMinder, select the Applications button, then Options → Resources

ScanSnap Manager update online

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