Решения для автомобильной промышленности

Fujitsu является стратегическим партнером автомобильных производителей. Мы создаем технологии, услуги и решения мирового уровня, которые повышают эффективность, снижают затраты и помогают нашим клиентам по всему миру получать максимальную выгоду от своих глобальных активов. 

Fujitsu предлагает автомобильной промышленности ИТ-технологии и решения для осуществления продаж и послепродажного обслуживания, проведения НИОКР, производства, логистики, и интеллектуальные транспортные системы на основе телематики. Мы выступаем поставщиками высококачественных автомобильных ИТ-услуг и решений. Это значит, что мы являемся надежным, стратегическим партнером, и работаем в тесном взаимодействии с нашими клиентами для повышения эффективности работы и введения инноваций по всему миру. 

Fujitsu является мировым лидером по производству видеоконтроллеров, которые используются в производстве приборных панелей, встроенных навигационных систем, индикаторов на лобовом стекле и развлекательных систем для пассажиров задних сидений. Fujitsu предложила первый в мире автомобильный контроллер для видео высокой четкости в сетевой архитектуре автомобиля и производит CAN-микроконтроллеры, которые широко используются для обеспечения работы важных функций автомобиля.

Почему нужно выбрать решения для автомобильной промышленности от Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu работает в автомобильной отрасли на протяжении более 40 лет. Среди наших клиентов есть ведущие мировые производители автомобилей. Также Fujitsu была создана специальная рабочая группа Automotive Solutions.
  • Будучи глобальной компанией Fujitsu предлагает доставку своей продукции по всему миру. Мы занимаем сильную позицию на рынке Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона и обеспечиваем там доставки, что имеет решающее значение для производителей комплектного автомобильного оборудования.
  • Как производители, мы понимаем задачи, которые стоят перед современной автомобильной промышленностью. Как поставщики услуг и решений, мы обеспечиваем нашим клиентам необходимую поддержку на пути к будущему росту.
  • Являясь лидером по оптимальному использованию ресурсов, Fujitsu оказывает автомобильным компаниям содействие в их стремлении к созданию экологически чистых решений.

The Future is Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE)


Connected car technology

Communication with other vehicles and devices


Autonomous driving

Time savings and increased safety


Shared on-demand

More affordable pay per use model



Lower emissions and reduced noise pollution

The automotive value chain will no longer end at the factory door – instead it will extend over the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Focusing solely on vehicle sales will no longer be enough, to stay ahead of competitors manufacturers will need to redistribute their R&D budget and invest more heavily in software solutions and digitalizing the automotive core.

It is estimated that 54% of new cars will be 'connected' by 2020. What does this mean for drivers and manufacturers?

Fujitsu connected car and mobility IoT solutions

The automotive industry will face many challenges on the road to CASE – Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric – including; managing opportunity and risk, maintaining growth in a competitive market, and ensuring data security. At Fujitsu, we combine innovative connected and autonomous vehicle technology with world-leading IT services, infrastructure and integration skills to deliver end-to-end solutions that overcome these challenges.


Fujitsu Connected

Our Over the Air Updates (OTA) technology provides the capability to update the engine components of a modern car over the air without needing to bring the car into a specialized garage to apply changes. It enables remote updates to target engine controlling components. When required, components ‘flash’ themselves when presented with the right software package. Required updates are supplied in a secure manner, applied in a way that ensures the update will not compromise the functionality of the vehicle and its components.

  • provides mutual authentication and secure communication between the user, the Cloud, and the vehicle
  • delivers secure verification based on digital signature/PKI
  • identifies, integrates and applies the required updates only
  • reduced costs and reputational damage associated with a product recall
  • supports the move toward autonomous driving
  • delivers an enhanced customer experience and reduced inconvenience


Fujitsu Autonomous

Autonomous driving has several challenges: engineering, regulatory, lack of industry standardized technology and tools, consumer trust, and acceptance. However, the biggest challenge will be the data volumes required for both training AI systems and for real-time decision making once these systems are deployed. By 2030 automotive big data, which will consist mainly of video data, is expected to exceed 60,000 petabytes. Our solution decreases data volumes and manages it in a distributed fashion - only the relevant data is collected. With video data optimization images are compressed and filtered.

  • takes the raw data and in-vehicle components focus on reducing video data volumes using our codecs that is lighter than data lightened by H.265
  • applies Fujitsu technology to reduce the size of the data without compromising data availability or quality
  • learning algorithms to decide what information is critical or otherwise
  • ability to better manage huge volumes of data
  • reduced storage and associated maintenance costs
  • availability of selected data for re-use/analysis
  • maintenance of data integrity and quality


Fujitsu Shared & Service

In the field of mobility, the car sharing trend is growing and the key differentiator will be the ability to provide a seamless journey and great travel experience. We deliver solutions to connects all elements together. Our On-Demand Transportation Services and FIDO verification will match the travelers with the most suitable vehicle and drivers.

  • Fujitsu SPATIOWL delivers real-time location data analytics
  • Fujitsu cloud technology creates detailed, real-time models of traffic and people flow around a cities
  • FIDO identifies individuals for the sharing era
  • Fujitsu biometric authentication - fingerprint, iris, palm vein, and face scanning ensure data security


Fujitsu Electric

The shift to electric cars is progressing in major countries. However, there are various challenges to overcome such as unclear battery usage, remaining travelable distance, efficient traveling route, and location of battery stations. Fujitsu has the technologies needed to provide battery information and create a power consumption map.

  • high-dimensional statistical analysis technology utilizing AI
  • AI learns internal and external vehicle data such as the driving environment
  • automatically generated battery performance model

Why choose Fujitsu as your connected car partner?

We have 50+ years of experience working within the automotive industry, and partner with car manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Isuzu, Volkswagen, and Ford.

We take a collaborative and partner-oriented approach to developing sector-specific solutions and combine automotive industry insight with IT innovation to drive our cutting-edge industry solutions. Our automotive technology solutions focus on key issues across the entire value chain and are designed to help you compete in today’s challenging automotive environment.

Drawing on our extensive industry knowledge and proven global delivery capabilities we can help you realize your business goals.

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