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DeskView Integration for baramundi Management Suite

Integrated Client and Mobile Device Management - baramundi Management Suite

For many administrators, IT responsibility means a whole number of routine jobs and too little time for important productive work. However, tasks like the installation of operating systems and software, equipment inventories or data security can be automated very efficiently. baramundi Management Suite is high-quality software that offers straightforward, reliable administration of your IT company network.

Benefits of client management with baramundi

  • Automation of time-consuming routine tasks
  • Fewer errors due to standardized processes
  • Cost-efficient IT management through automation
  • Intuitive user interface for straightforward operation
  • Overview of the status of the entire network
  • Compliance with German and European data protection rules
  • Self-service tasks for users to reduce the workload of IT employees
  • Holistic approach for IT Lifecycle Management
  • Role-based security model

Users benefit from

  • Cutting-edge management solutions for Windows clients and servers as well as mobile devices of the three most common platforms of a software solution
  • Integrated management of clients with Mac OS X
  • A suite of modules carefully tailored to each other, for comprehensive IT management
  • Easy to expand, highly scalable, and with flexible licensing options
  • A wide variety of interfaces and integration of Fujitsu Deskview
  • Maximum installation quality and reduced support requirements
  • Constant development and adaptation using the latest technologies
  • Holistic approach for IT Lifecycle Management
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
For more Information please visit the Baramundi Internet Pages here.