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Storage management

Automation of data management

The key to commercial success is quick and secure access to business-critical data. As IT infrastructures become faster, there are also trends emerging that threaten the quick, secure and cost-effective use of data: The data explosion, rising storage costs and its ever-increasing complexity of management, the slow evolution of procedures and their lack of automation, the growing demands on data availability and security, and the proliferation of incompatible data islands.

HSMS (Hierarchical Storage Management System) is the central component for the Information Lifecycle Management on BS2000 systems. It is the central storage management system for data backup and restore as well as migration and archiving on BS2000. Using a standardized interface backup/restore of files, databases and libraries, including library elements, can be performed.

MAREN is available as a central management point for all media. It manages and automates the consistent, secure and efficient use of media.

ROBAR enables the automation of mounting operations as well as cartridge retrieval and storage. The automated tape cartridge system works in combination with real archive systems and the virtual archive system ETERNUS CS. By integrating servers and libraries into an enterprise SAN (storage area network), storage consolidation is made possible using the most advanced connection standards (Fibre Channel). Benefits include fast data transfer and extremely short response times.

SHC-OSD (Storage Host Component) is the BS2000 product for controlling the essential functions of the storage systems FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX and EMC VMAX. Amongst others it provides information services and commands to control local and remote mirroring functions.