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A rock-solid foundation

Successful integration necessitates the seamless interconnection of old and new applications as well as a combination of products from different vendors to create functional solutions. The proven mainframe strengths of BS2000/OSD, with its ideal combination of innovation and continuity, make it the best integration platform for current trends such as web integration using Java or openSEAS tools. It provides the right hardware and software basis for creating new business processes at a data center level with the best cost structures around. Some highlights include:
  • The self-protecting properties of BS2000/OSD with SECOS, ensuring that the data, activities, processes and programs from a system and its applications are protected against unauthorized access, manipulation and damage – even in a heterogeneous infrastructure. Any attempts at misuse are immediately uncovered and logged.    
  • Smooth and cost-effective interoperability through support for standards like SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, XML, Java, .Net, J2EE, JCA, SSL and LDAP.   
  • The openSEAS middleware product suite, which eases the integration of individual programs into a universal IT infrastructure. Examples include the cost-effective web integration of legacy applications, universal support for business processes, and the adaptation of a target application user interface to a mobile system’s display size.