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  4. METAWATER uses the Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform to drive its Water Business Cloud

METAWATER uses the Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform to drive its Water Business Cloud

"The input from the Fujitsu SEs allowed us to implement the kind of reviews that you can only do at migration, such as optimizing system settings, and improving utilization by integrating a number of servers."

Takao Uratani Manager of the Solutions Development Business Strategy Division METAWATER Co., Ltd.

Building a platform for information-based collaboration with other industries that responds more rapidly to water and sewerage utilities’ needs.


METAWATER is a company that provides water and environment related plant engineering and service solutions to water and sewerage utilities both in Japan and overseas. The company also pro-actively adopts state-of-the-art technology including ICT. One of its initiatives was the Water Business Cloud (WBC), which commenced in 2011.


  • Build an information platform that would allow collaboration with other industries
  • Build a system that can recover as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster or system failure
  • Break free from need to run software developed in-house on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


METAWATER chose FUJITSU Cloud Service S5 as the ICT platform for its WBC. Running the inspection and maintenance system, Smart Field Service, which combines tablet PCs and Fujitsu Augmented Reality (AR) technology, on S5 allows device operational status and water level/flow rate measurements to be captured and stored as IoT data.


  • Manages and publishes Web services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) making it possible to collaborate with other industries
  • Promotes DR measures through system configuration dividing systems East-West into production and standby systems
  • Uses development methodology employing Platform as a Service (PaaS) type services reduces man-hours and development timeframes

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