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  4. Panasonic starts an initiative integrating smart home appliances with Fujitsu Cloud service

Panasonic starts an initiative integrating smart home appliances with Fujitsu Cloud service

"We aim to develop a new cloud-based business model offering new value by integrating different services. Partnering with Fujitsu, which has great expertise in the cloud and Big Data, we intend to launch a new business."

Hiroyuki Kubotani Chief Engineer, Cloud Solutions Center R&D Division

Using cloud-enabled home appliances for a better lifestyle.


Panasonic Corporation provides a wide variety of products, systems and services from consumer electronics products to industrial devices, building products and housing. Panasonic works hard to offer new value for better living in various areas such as homes, communities, businesses, the travel and car industries - helping to realize ‘A Better Life, A Better World’ for each individual customer.


Due to the growing ability to interconnect electrical and electronic devices at home, Panasonic envisaged applying Big Data analytics to smart appliance use data collected at the Point of Use (POU) to gain insights into consumer behavior.


In order to investigate the feasibility of cloud services using smart appliances, Panasonic and Fujitsu are conducted workshops and research. Panasonic’s R&D Division and Fujitsu launched a pilot project in April 2013 using smart appliances and cloud technology.


  • Confirmed viability of a business integrating smart home appliances with a cloud service
  • Food producers can use data to develop insights around their products
  • Can lead to better customer experience and more efficient operations
  • Will create new opportunities for building new customer experiences and creating customer intimacy

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