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  4. Virtual Server Platform boosts IT performance of Wonkwang University in Korea

Virtual Server Platform boosts IT performance of Wonkwang University in Korea

"Implement server virtualization for academic administration system with Fujitsu Blade Server PRIMERGY"

Joung Young Im, Section Chief of the Operation Management Team, Information & Computing Center

The customer

Wonkwang University is located in Iksan, Korea, and was established in 1946. In accordance with its founding principle “Great opening of matter, let there be a great opening of spirit”, Wonkwang University has served as a pioneering private school in the advancement of Korea’s modern education system combining knowledge and morality. In particular, it is firmly committed to developing talented people with strong character and specialized knowledge across diverse fields including Asian and Western medicine and areas of IT. Since its introduction, Wonkwang University has become a leading private school for medicine, dentistry, oriental medicine, pharmacy and law.

The challenge

Wonkwang University initiated a server virtualization project to resolve IT challenges including; service failure during enrollment period, lack of space in the data center, inefficient system resources and reduction in IT budget. Wonkwang University verified the server virtualization through benchmarking tests and implemented a system integration project based on virtualization in three stages.

The solution

Wonkwang University chose FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX900S2 with Intel® Xeon® Processor for its excellent system reliability, redundancy and scalability. The blade server provided an optimal platform for integration of the University’s academic administration system, and for implementation of a reliable virtualization environment that could facilitate infrastructure expansion and rapid turnaround after outages.

The benefit

  • Reduced number of racks from 18 to 2
  • Replaced 125 existing servers with 41 blade servers
  • Minimized data center operational costs
  • Improved the University’s IT service for users via introduction of the self-developed integrated information system

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