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ServerView® Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition

Improved time-to-market for IT services – How to efficiently manage private cloud infrastructures

Delivery of IT infrastructure to users can be a cumbersome process. Today, provisioning of a server including storage and network connectivity is still a very resource intensive procedure involving a lot of manual actions and requiring intensive coordination between different administrative domains. As a result users have to live with poor service levels with lead times of sometimes several weeks. The traditional way of provisioning infrastructure not only hinders users from gaining faster and more flexible access to IT resources, it also causes significant operational costs eating up a major part of the IT budget.

ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition (ROR CE) is management software for delivering IT infrastructures simple, fast and reliable. The software helps IT organizations to implement a private cloud infrastructure to provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS). ROR CE delivers dynamic resource management and cloud service management enabling self-service provisioning for simple and speedy IT delivery. Physical and virtual servers, storage and networks, are automatically provisioned in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional provisioning methods. ROR CE guarantees the availability of IT infrastructures by providing a number of high-availability options at various levels. From the protection of single physical and virtual servers, to recovery support for a complete blade chassis or storage system failure, to disaster recovery in the case of complete site failures.
  • Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition helps enterprises to stay competitive by accelerating time-to-market for IT services and enabling them to react more quickly to changing business needs. It also reduces risk by ensuring the continuity of business critical IT services.
  • Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition reduces operating expenses in data centers by automating IT provisioning processes. In addition, introducing a resource pool concept to managing IT increases overall resource utilization and minimizes capital expenditure on hardware.
  • Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition increases user productivity through more efficient (easy, fast & flexible) access to IT infrastructure resources. Service administrator users can concentrate on application services, without having to worry about managing physical infrastructure resources.