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Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance for products from Fujitsu and other vendors

Fujitsu Support Pack and ServiceContract Hardware

Fujitsu Hardware Maintenance encompasses the diagnosis and the elimination of hardware faults by repair or replacement. Fujitsu will respond to an incident and solve the fault in accordance with the contracted Service Level Agreement which can be an Offsite or Onsite service. 

Fujitsu Support Pack Hardware is a product-related service contract with once-only remuneration and for a fixed contract term of 1 up to 5 years. The service period can be extended by purchasing a corresponding follow-on Support Pack. Service levels can be selected from standard options. 

Fujitsu ServiceContract can, unless otherwise explicitly regulated, be acquired at any time during the product lifecycle until 12 months before the end-of-service for that product. It offers more flexibility than a Support Pack allowing service levels to be agreed in accordance with customer’s needs.

Fujitsu offers onsite services with various service level options for own products and
those from other verndors. In addition, Offsite services are available for Workplace Systems.

Product Support Hardware


  • Smooth IT operations right from the start with the shortest possible downtimes 
  • Range of service level options enabling the right level of availability for hardware
  • Freedom for your internal IT specialists to concentrate on their core business
  • Choice between commodity and customizable service products meeting different customer needs
  • Selectable payment terms front up with Support Pack or individual with ServiceContract
  • Flat fee pricing: well projectable, no hidden costs 
  • Support Packs for selected PRIMERGY and ETERNUS DX Entry are globally available in major business areas with the following Service Level options:
    • 9x5, next business day onsite response
    • 9x5, 4 hours onsite response
    • 24x7, 4 hours onsite response

Hard disk replacement without returning the old disk (Option)

In case a faulty hard disk or SSD cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, the exchanged device usually has to be returned to the manufacturer. But what happens with the company-confidential data stored on the faulty disk/SSD? 
With the HDD retention option, the exchanged device remains the customer's property. This ensures that company-confidential data won't leave a company.

Regarding the availability of the HDD retention option see Hardware Maintenance & Software Support Offerings at a GlanceOpen a new window


  • Security for confidential data 
  • Full data control remains with the customer 
  • Meets data protection and company guidelines 
  • Civil liability risks are reduced