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Demonstartion center - Fujitsu World Tour 2017 : Fujitsu Portugal

Demonstartion center

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Welcome to the Fujitsu World Tour 2017.
Workplace anywhere
Cyber Security
Infrastructure for the Digital World
Hyper-connected business
Digital Transformation

Fujitsu’s Digital Workplace brings together our next generation Workplace services, client computing device portfolio, Service Desk and Technical Support Services. At this year’s Forum, we will use a-day-in-the-life scenario, to demonstrate how we support organizations on their journey to a digital workplace.

Demonstration highlights include:

Fujitsu’s Microsoft Enabled Digital Workplace - including Window 10 and Office 365.
Next Generation Service Desk - ‘Social Command Centre’, powered by AI, virtual assistants and cognitive learning.
Our Intelligent engineering offering.
The Connect IT Bar - our customer-centric, on-site IT support solution.
Modern working and meeting solutions including: Clean Desk, wireless docking and charging.
8th generation displays optimized for modern and ergonomic working environments.
Ultra-mobile notebook series based on latest 7th Gen Intel® Core™ technology.
ScanSnap and PaperStream, the two market leading document scanning platforms that facilitate your individual and organizational transformation of paper to digital.

Fujitsu are experts in Secure Thinking, and at this year’s Forum we will deliver an interesting program of live demonstrations that will focus on a wide range of IT security themes. In addition, our leading security partners will be on hand to discuss their portfolio.

Demonstration highlights include:

Cyber-attack/defend scenarios with experts from our Security Operation Center.
Identity and Access Management Solutions featuring PalmSecure.
FUJITSU SURIENT solutions for tackling security threats.
Cyber Threat Intelligence and SIEM presentations
Customer showcase by Lancaster University
Security lecture program – covering 9 hot security topics. See full agenda here >>Open a new window

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the business landscape. Enterprises must become highly adaptable and scalable in an unprecedented way. Fujitsu provides the right choice of new technologies and robust IT infrastructure. This is based on a comprehensive portfolio of server, storage, integrated systems, network and software technologies as well as technologies sourced from market-leading partners. Fujitsu is a world leader in digital enablement and a pioneer in the development of innovative data center solutions.

Fujitsu Liquid Immersion Cooling System for Next-Generation Data Centers

Blog post: It’s not obvious, but what do data centers and elephants have in common?

Demonstration highlights include:

Servers - Fujitsu Liquid Immersion Cooling System that completely immerses IT devices in liquid coolant and new Windows Server 2016 with live demo of software- defined storage features.
Storage - New ETERNUS AF all-flash storage line.
Integrated systems - PRIMEFLEX integrated systems and PRIMEFLEX solution built for VMware Cloud Foundation
Research and Development - An exclusive look at current research projects from Fujitsu Laboratories which should be ready-for-market in the next few years.
Big Data - We will be demonstrating the power of big data with our very own roulette wheel
Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 - A next generation cloud platform, specifically created to enable efficient, easy and cost effective enterprise level digital transformation.
Hybrid IT - Blending the best of cloud powered services with your own in-house IT.
HIT Orchestration - Orchestration delivers business value at the pace required of a digital business, with a seamless user experience across all platforms, technologies and suppliers.

A hyperconnected business is one where people, information and things are brought together to fundamentally change the way the organization operates so they can see more, act faster and change for the better. To bring this to life the exhibit follows the day in the life of a lone field worker whose job can be very complex but not traditionally well supported by technology. We show how our wide range of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions can be deployed and integrated to enable them to be safer, more productive and overcome the challenges of each day.

Demonstration highlights include:

Fujitsu’s end to end capability from sensors through to network infrastructure, IoT platform and cloud covering the design, build, deployment and management of industrial solutions.
The latest IoT technologies from Fujitsu and our partners to demonstrate the value of IoT to business.
A range of IoT solutions deliverable today from the worker interface through to supervisor management, using predictive analytics and the integration to deliver learning and insight.

Digital is creating disruption at all levels, from process improvements to business model transformation. Digital solutions can be found across the Demonstration Center.  At this year’s Forum, we will also be highlighting how we help you to digitalize with confidence using our co-creation and design thinking approach.

Demonstration highlights include:

Fujitsu MetaArc - Our comprehensive portfolio for driving digital transformation.
Enterprise application services with ServiceNow.
Transformational Tales – Our latest digital transformation customer stories to see how we're enabling digital across all sectors.