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VocaLink: Cost-Effective Data Centre Strategy

Reducing capital expenditure and supporting growth

Data centre services

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Creating a new data centre strategy is an infrequent event for most businesses. 

VocaLink had many of the required skills in-house but, to define a responsive and context-specific data centre strategy, it wanted to secure the expertise of a world-class data centre, consultancy and IT services organisation. After all, when organisations have written their strategies and targets, far too frequently, they are soon out of date. A key requirement for VocaLink was to avoid a static and fixed roadmap.

VocaLink therefore chose Fujitsu to asses its data centre requirements, propose a suitable strategy and conduct a feasibility study into any resultant recommendations.

DownloadDownload the 'VocaLink' case study PDF (279 KB) [90 KB]

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