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Citizen: Global Telecommunications Case Study

Global Telecommunications

Thousands of switches and routers in reliable hands

Photo of some phone wires
The challenge
Reliable handling of delivery and support services for a network in several European countries that is operated by a leading global telecommunications carrier and is used by a major provider of financial information to thousands of financial market experts.

The solution
Commissioning of Fujitsu UK as one of three global service support partners, each one of which is responsible in specific geographical regions for reliable handling of processes related to ordering, testing, delivery and support of switches and routers for the network.

The user is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies and operates in more than 170 countries. Its extensive portfolio includes national and international telecommunications services, broadband and Internet services, as well as network and IT services, and the company's offer is constantly and flexibly being adapted to new requirements. Business activities are divided among several Operating Divisions, with the division responsible for network operation and services accounting for the lion's share of revenue.

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