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Fujitsu IaaS Case Study

Case Study:

Fujitsu IaaS

“When I set my team the challenge to minimise our infrastructure, refresh costs, dramatically improve our carbon emissions position to deliver to an aggressive timeline and to do so in a way that gives me maximum operational agility, it felt like a very tough task. I am delighted that my team's use of IaaS has enabled us to deliver on all fronts.”
David Smith, CIO, Fujitsu UK and Ireland

Photograph of data centre
Following the merger of Fujitsu companies in the UK and Ireland, Fujitsu's IT department conducted a comprehensive review of its IT infrastructure looking at a number of factors including operational flexibility, the consolidation of systems from previously separate businesses, for improved reliability, cost effectiveness and a much lower environmental impact.

Cloud Computing 
Fujitsu IaaS is the cornerstone in Fujitsu's cloud services offering for customers, announced in November 2009 the first customer started using the service for production workloads in April 2010.

IaaS provides the flexibility and cost effectiveness anticipated by the business and delivers the security, resilience and performance required to host live business systems. The flexibility and high utilisation it provides, lowers Fujitsu's infrastructure costs, and makes expenditure on additional data centre premises unnecessary.

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