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  3. Intrum gets fully comprehensive outsourcing services, delivered to 8,500 users in 24 European countries

Intrum gets fully comprehensive outsourcing services, delivered to 8,500 users in 24 European countries

"Fujitsu not only handles our data center requirements, it also manages our end user devices, manages security and networks, and provides a next-generation help desk, known as the Social Command Center."

Trude Bakkebø, IT Infrastructure and Operations Director Intrum

Intrum asked Fujitsu to consolidate disparate IT systems into one outsourced solution, including data center services, end user services, hybrid cloud solutions, and security.


Intrum offers a complete range of services covering its clients’ entire credit management chain – from credit optimization, factoring and payment services to collection services and overdue receivables. Through credit optimization, it helps clients assess their potential customers’ payment capacity.


Following the merger of Intrum Justitia and Lindorff to form Intrum, the new company was faced with two separate IT infrastructures. It needed a cost-effective way to consolidate IT services in a secure and timely manner.


Intrum turned to long-term Lindorff partner, Fujitsu, to provide end-to-end outsourcing services, covering data center, end user, help desk, and security services. The company is now in the process of rolling out these new consolidated services to 8,500 users in 24 European countries.


  • Social Command Center enables user self-service to help solve issues quickly, boosting productivity
  • IT-as-a-Service model ensures predictable, transparent costs
  • New users and entire acquisitions can be on-boarded quicker
  • Cloud services enable faster time to market for new products
  • IT is more reliable, efficient, and agile


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