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fi Series Software Development Kit

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Fujitsu’s fi Series sets a whole new standard for high-performance desktop scanning. Designed exclusively for software developers, the SDK makes the design and development process highly efficient by allowing developers to link user applications to the software and simplify document collaboration throughout an entire enterprise.

What's included?

The SDK provides developers with sample code to exemplify the main concepts and customise control and a reference manual describing the full application interface.

Fujitsu Scanner Control

What can you do with it?

The fi Series SDK features custom Windows control to add imaging capabilities to custom applications and programs that support ActiveX. It also offers you the ability to design applications that control most aspects of device operation, including the control panel, as well as core capabilities such as printing, scanning and saving files.

Fujitsu Scanner Control

Join the Imaging Alliance Program today and get exclusive access to a wide range of information, tools and code you need to build innovative, capture-enabled solutions that are specifically designed for software developers.

Development environments

  • Visual Basic 2005
  • Visual Basic 2008
  • Visual Basic 2010
  • Visual Basic 2012
  • Visual Basic 2013

Requirements to download SDK

  • You are a member of Imaging Alliance Program
  • Your software is for multiple users
  • Completion of export control documentation
  • Registration for the Fujitsu Imaging Channel Partner Program
    (Occurs when you request the SDK from the IAP)


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  • Urządzenia peryferyjne
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