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Business Solutions

FPI's business solutions are proven combinations of hardware platforms, application software and implementation services. These predefined solution sets address selected horizontal business requirements of enterprises, such as business intelligence, customer relationship management, and enterprise document management.

Our solutions are not based on a single product, tied to a single supplier or manufacturer. It is a logical mix-and-match of the best methods with the several available technologies, selected to address your unique business needs. The priority is to effectively meet the business requirements of the enterprise, even if the final solution may involve products not made by Fujitsu.

From a life cycle point-of-view, FPI offers the entire range of services, from planning, to designing, to implementing, up to supporting or maintaining the solution. A customer may ask us to perform only one phase of the project, or can ask FPI to take on the project over the entire life cycle. FPI may even offer to outsource the on-going operations of the solution.

FPI business solutions involve several layers of hardware platforms, middleware, utilities/tools, application software, and services. Our customers may ask FPI to just supply one or more of these components, or they may ask us to integrate all layers and assume total project responsibility. These multiple options, based both on component layers and life cycle phases, allow clients to select a true "best fit" for their business situation.

Although different technologies and services are involved in FPI's enterprise solutions, customers benefit from dealing with a single point of contact who will coordinate activities to implement the system. FPI will take full project accountability, removing the complexities and finger-pointing that comes with having multiple suppliers.

FPI has the track record of speedy implementations, supported by the largest local I.T. group in the country. As needed, we can access Fujitsu's international talent pool of experts trained in various disciplines. Proven local knowledge and delivery capability, backed up by global methodology and specialty support: this differentiates FPI business solutions in the marketplace.

Business Intelligence

FPI's Business Intelligence Solutions uses the latest data warehousing technologies to transform the raw data that exists all over the enterprise and convert them into meaningful knowledge about how your business really works.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Using the latest call center technologies (such as CTI and IVRS) and proven Customer Relationship Management applications, FPI helps design, supply, implement or even operate "customer management centers". FPI's call center solutions can accommodate all interaction channels (including voice, fax and Internet) across various industries (banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, transportation, and manufacturing) which provide diverse services to customers (including inquiries, customer service, consumer response, telesales, and help desks).

Enterprise Document Management

FPI's Enterprise Document Management Solutions help companies convert their documents to electronic form. This provides better management of the information contained therein, through concurrent access, security, access control with audit trails, ease of sharing of information, and integration with other applications. These solutions take advantage of Fujitsu's proven expertise in document scanner technology, supplemented by imaging, filing, retrieval and archival software applications.

Internet-Enabled Applications

Drawing on Fujitsu's E-commerce experience in the USA, Japan and Europe, FPI can assist enterprises in developing, implementing and even hosting Internet-enabled application solutions.

Groupware & Collaborative Solutions

FPI offers solutions based on the different leading groupware suites. They provide a robust and scaleable messaging environment, combined with active information sharing, document management, and resource management functions. These solutions enable office teams to share and manage information in corporate intranets, supporting mobile and "virtual office" concepts, network security, corporate/public directories, and connectivity. Additional collaborative functions, such as group discussions and group calendar/scheduling are all available in a modular fashion.

Systems Management

FPI provides the solutions to manage the operations and monitor the performance of these various platforms on an individual basis. FPI provides the messaging middleware that integrates these platforms to allow the exchange of files, transactions and messages, as well as solutions to manage integrated multi-tiered systems infrastructure.

Enterprise Asset Management

FPI’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution optimizes the complete life cycle of strategic assets including planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement. Customers are able to improve production reliability, labor efficiency, material optimization, warranty, and service management across the asset base. The solution integrates with various business systems and ensures maximum return on assets by reducing costs, increasing asset uptime and facilitating the development of comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine, and unplanned maintenance. This allows the management of all assets according to the expectations and requirements of an organization's mission (production, facilities, fleet, IT).