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Network Services

Supporting your network infrastructure

In today's Internet Age, voice and data networks and the convergence of both technologies have become a vital part of almost every enterprise. Installing and maintaining a corporate network is often incompatible with the core competencies of a typical business enterprise, but it is an essential tool for doing business that companies have invested a substantial amount of time and money putting up their own networking infrastructures. Unfortunately, sooner or later, the harsh reality sinks in. A network -- whether big or small -- needs a corps of dedicated specialists to keep it running smoothly.

Like any other technology investment, a typical voice and data network:

  • represents a substantial monetary investment
  • takes some time to plan and implement
  • requires regular maintenance and fine-tuning
  • requires a variety of special tools to be monitored, measured, and documented properly
  • requires support from trained people with highly specialized, up-to-date skills and experience

But unlike most other technology investments, a network:

  • must evolve constantly to be able to optimally serve the changing requirements of the business
  • carries vital company information such as trade secrets and intellectual property. If left unprotected, the network can be exploited by hackers to steal, modify or destroy such information
  • Moreover, since new networking technologies are constantly evolving, the training of people who are tasked to support networks is a never-ending and costly necessity.
  • The pace of technology and business has made supporting networks very difficult indeed. Most companies simply do not have the resources nor the patience needed to be able to gain maximum leverage from their technology investment. A more cost-effective alternative is to outsource some or all of the design, implementation and support from a trusted and competent service provider.
  • FPI offers a suite of network support services. Whether your in-house support organization needs help in just one area of networking, or if you prefer to outsource everything, FPI is ready and able to do it for you.

Wide-Ranging Scope

A host of professional and outsourcing services are available to meet your requirement. These services have a wide-ranging scope.


  • Network Consultation Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Network Implementation Services


  • Customer Technical Support
  • Network Assessment Services
  • Customer Education Services


  • Network Management Services
  • Network Operations and Management Services
  • Network Monitoring
  • Performance Management
  • Network Administration Services
  • Network Security Services
  • Call Management Services
  • Fault Management Services
  • Asset Management Services
  • Vendor Management Services

Information is the strategic asset that dramatically affects a company's position in today's economy. Computer data networks have become the electronic highways for moving information. These networks have grown to support and connect vastly disparate computer system platforms over wide geographical areas.

FPI has become a major player in meeting the demands of growing data networks from some of the largest enterprises. We offer solutions that allow the easy and reliable flow of voice, data, video, supervisory control data, and other network traffic, without regard to differences in time, place, or type of computer system. With these solutions, FPI works silently as a trusted partner, gearing up to harness network computing and telecommunications technology as a business-enhancement tool