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Managed Services

What can you outsource?

FPI's Managed Services Portfolio includes:
Desktop Services
Facilities Services
Platform Services
Network Services
Storage Services
Terminal Services
Helpdesk Services
Systems Management
Security Services
PABX Services

Read about other managed services below.

To meet the today's complex challenges, more enterprises choose to refocus on their core business activities. And one way to do this is by outsourcing non-core business functions to acknowledged experts. In simple terms, outsourcing is the transfer of delivery responsibility for certain functions to an external organization. The client still retains control over these functions, but would ask an outsourcing company to get the job done at the proper service levels and within cost and time budgets.

FPI offers to outsource portions or even all of an enterprise's Information Technology functions. We will use our skills, work ethics, experience, and expertise foster our client's business growth through technology. This is a logical step for any organization that wants to enhance its competitive advantage, and refocus on its core competencies. There is no doubt that management of Information Technology is a critical success factor in business. Yet Information Technology is becoming so complex, that very few enterprises can afford to operate an in-house IT operation, let alone recruit the people with the proper technical and management skills. It makes sense to have acknowledged technology experts like FPI handle this function on your behalf.

Why use FPI's Managed Services?

As one of the largest technology providers in the Philippines, FPI has the organization, the personnel and the methodology to successfully implement outsourcing projects. Outsourcing to Fujitsu brings the services of a local Philippine organization that has built its reputation on superior customer support and responsive technology services.

In addition to this local delivery expertise, FPI brings access to the global knowledge that the Fujitsu International Group of Companies has developed in their many successful outsourcing engagements in the USA, Europe, Japan and Asia. Once again, it is the concept of local knowledge and delivery, backed up by global methodology and support.

Equally important, the most successful ingredient of an outsourcing engagement is the customer's trust in the delivery organization. FPI has been doing business in the Philippines since 1974 with the highest level of business ethics and without any breach of customer trust. We have built a reputation as a long-term partner for the technology needs of enterprises. And we will do everything to maintain this corporate reputation as we provide outsourcing services.

Virtually every IT activity your company undertakes in-house can be performed and managed by Fujitsu, either selectively or completely. FPI will accept even non-I.T. functions, provided the technology content is very high (such as call center operations). Here are some examples from FPI's Managed Services portfolio:

  • Call Centers - We can implement, man and operate customer-service call centers on a 7x24 basis, whether at our premises or at client premises.
  • Technology Help Desks - We can implement, man and operate help-desk centers to provide first-line or second-line technical support to all users of I.T.
  • Desktop Services - With the proliferation of PC's, FPI offers the complete life cycle from planning, procurement, installation, user education, desktop customization, hardware and software maintenance, and help desk support.
  • Office Systems Services - We install and maintain office productivity systems, inclusive of workstations, e-mail facilities, groupware applications, office applications, and server maintenance.
  • Facilities Services - Includes day-to-day facilities such as power and air-conditioning, subsystems for data and voice cabling, access control, video surveillance, voice communications, fire suppression, and other "building management systems".
  • Platform Services - We provide maintenance support for all Fujitsu brand server platforms, as well as other major brands of Unix and Intel Architecture servers, from workgroup to enterprise servers.
  • Application Development Services - We do application development services, from definition of requirement through systems construction and testing, until turn-over to production.
  • Application Maintenance Services - We maintain your application software for you, whether custom-made or off-the-shelf, with service levels for enhancements, corrections or bug fixes.
  • Platform Deployment and Maintenance Services - We install and maintain your I.T. platforms (hardware and software) for you, whether in you data center or in remote sites.
  • Data Center Operations - Includes day-to-day operations of your data center, with guaranteed service levels for availability and job turn-around.
  • Business Continuity Services - We can provide backup and disaster recovery services for your data center.
  • Systems Management Services - We provide the system programming services to install, tune, and maintain your systems software, including capacity planning.
  • Network Operations Services - Includes day-to-day operations of your network, with guaranteed service levels for availability, and single-point management of carriers and vendors.
  • Network Management Services - We provide network baselining and thorough optimization services, to maximize the performance of your networks.
  • Network Services - We offer solutions that allow the easy and reliable flow of voice, data, video, supervisory control data, and other network traffic, without regard to differences in time, place, or type of computer system.
  • Storage Services - Using our corps of vendor-independent storage specialists, we offer the various storage services to help customers in every step of the storage life cycle.
  • Terminal Services - These services are designed to help you achieve the business objectives you had originally set out in deploying your network of on-line consumer-oriented terminals.
  • Helpdesk Services - As the digital age ushered in the integration of the Internet to the business processes, it also demanded higher levels of ICT infrastructure availability, a key in sustaining business competitiveness in this rivalry heightened environment.
  • System Services - Systems services are Fujitsu Philippines, Inc.'s (FPI) response to your need for enterprise system management support requirements. We provide you with the flexibility of using FPI's IT people, processes, and technology to build, operate, and maintain your systems management infrastructure.
  • Security Services - While the Internet has brought a lot of benefits, it can be used as easily to cause them to those using it. If you are not aware of what protect yourself, your information and communication technology infrastructure becomes vulnerable. You need to secure your business now, and Fujitsu Philippines can show you how.
  • PBX Services - Success in today's economy can be summed up in three words: meeting customer needs. To do this requires a good communication system, but even the latest and the best in technology fails without a good service program behind it.