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Terminal Services

Servicing consumer-oriented online terminals

Recent improvements in the availability and reliability of networking technologies have fueled a surge in the deployment of various consumer-oriented online terminals. As "anytime-anywhere banking" becomes the norm, banks have increased the presence of their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Cash Dispensers. Likewise, the increase in the number of bank branches automatically translates to a corresponding increase in the number of online in-branch terminals, such as teller terminals, passbook printers, workstations, cash counters, and other devices.

In the retail industry, the ever-increasing sophistication of consumers has translated to more Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, replacing traditional cash registers. Thousands of card authorization terminals are scattered across retailers, ready to service consumers' credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, and other card-based interaction channels. And the latest Internet trends will soon mean the deployment of Internet-enabled kiosks and other multimedia consumer transaction devices.

With consumers demanding reliability and availability, the paramount need for a comprehensive suite of support services grows even more. The key to address this service level is to provide a nationwide, multi-vendor, and 24-hour support service capability.

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. (FPI) has put together a service portfolio to meet the challenges of the demanding consumer-oriented on-line terminal market. The terminal services include:

Terminal Services Suite

1. SITE PREPARATION AND PLANNING SERVICES "Careful planning prior to deployment ensures reliable terminal operations in the future."

The key factor for a successful installation is efficient planning and site preparation. Having to plan for power, environment, location, and design of network connectivity requires someone with extensive knowledge and experience. We can determine and plan for power, air conditioning, network, and environmental requirements. Good planning translates to easier installation and deployment - at lower costs.

2. INSTALLATION AND DEPLOYMENT SERVICES "Doing it right the first time maximizes service levels by minimizing future disruptions."

FPI's installation service takes all the worry away from you, allowing you to concentrate more on your work. By utilizing terminal services, you are assured of quality work that meets all your expectations to a consistent level.

3. MAINTENANCE SERVICES "Our services empower the users to focus on the business, while we worry about technical support." Our hardware and software maintenance offering stands above the rest by offering you a service level above and beyond your service needs.

Support Levels

FPI's terminal services are designed to help you achieve the business objectives you had originally set out in deploying your network of on-line consumer-oriented terminals.

  • Your terminals are located all over the country. Because of our nationwide reach, we are prepared to deliver support services wherever you need them.
  • We are configured to support all your terminals. We know that most enterprises have a heterogeneous terminal base therefore we provide support for the leading major ATM and POS brands.
  • We have the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) call center infrastructure to receive and immediately respond to your service call. We know that every minute saved is vital to your customer services.
  • We provide 24-hour, 7-day support services, because we know you need to provide services to your consumers also on a 24x7 mode.
  • We have well-trained and highly qualified engineers and specialists, who are fanatical about customer satisfaction. Their success is measured on your success.

Business Benefits

Terminal services provide higher availability for easy access to your products and services, minimal terminal downtime, better service levels, minimized terminal cost of operations since on-going maintenance and support costs are optimized, and protection of terminal investments since preventive maintenance extends the usable life of your terminals.