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Storage Services

Managing your storage resources

An integral part of the Fujitsu Philippines Inc. (FPI) storage solution set is a suite of services to help you manage your storage resources.

Like all other FPI service suites, storage services are a manifestation of our basic philosophy: that the success of your technology investment lies not only with the products you buy, but more importantly, with your ability to effectively implement these products and realize business benefits from them.

Your success is dependent not just on your choice of storage products, but more importantly, on how well you implement them.

Today, enterprises face a bewildering choice of expensive storage hardware and software products, all claiming to deliver instant benefits to the customer. The product vendors often transform storage problems into a product acquisition exercise. But purchasing storage products is just half of the effort. The more important half is the proper execution and implementation of the technology. And this is where FPI's storage services come in.

The entire process of making a storage investment is very skill-intensive. Every step of the way (from analyzing your storage problems, to selecting potential solutions, to implementing the chosen solution, and finally up to regular maintenance and day-to-day operations) is dependent on having the right people with the right know-how and employing the right proper methodology.

Among the largest enterprises, these resources and skills are probably available in-house. But for companies with smaller in-house technology units, this can become a problem. Often, they end up relying on the support engineers of the product vendors. But these same engineers are typically trained only on their own specific product lines, and become much less effective in a multi-vendor multi-product platform environment.

This is where FPI adds value. Using its corps of vendor-independent storage specialists, FPI offers storage services to help customers in every step of the storage life cycle.

Storage Services Suite

At FPI, we believe that every technology investment follows a standard five-point life cycle. There is an initial planning stage, which is necessary to identify/assess the business needs, and create the framework of how technology can meet those needs. Next, there is a design stage, where specific technology components are architected into a workable solution framework. Then there is a construction or "build" phase, where the solution components are actually acquired, integrated and tested. Next, there is an implementation or "rolling-out" phase, where the solution is commissioned and brought into production mode. Finally, there is an operations phase, covering the regular day-to-day operations and maintenance of the technology solution.

At every step of this life- cycle, FPI's storage services have the appropriate service offering to help customers with their storage solutions. Select only the storage services that you need, to get the results that you want.

At the planning phase, FPI offers services that involve the basic storage strategy for an enterprise. The most significant would be our storage assessment services. This is a very short engagement that seeks to quickly determine the state of your storage infrastructure and operations, and provide you the "big picture". From here, you can move to our storage audit service, which provides a very detailed analysis of the health of your storage investment.

Fujitsu can likewise provide the skills to design, build, or implement your storage solution. You can choose only the specific phase where you may need our services, with your in-house staff or your storage vendor doing the rest. Or conversely, you can contract FPI to cover all three phases through a turnkey system integration project.

At the operations phase, FPI can provide multi-vendor maintenance and tuning support, for both hardware and system software components. Smaller enterprises may find it appropriate to outsource their storage back-up activities, or even their entire storage operations, to FPI.

By segmenting the storage service menu, you get to select only the areas where you need help. This allows us to zero in on the most critical areas of your storage needs, and deliver the needed results.

FPI has invested in the skills and the methodology to deliver results for you

As in any service business, the critical success factor is people. FPI has invested in the technology engineers to make storage services a reality. Today, we maintain a pool of storage support engineers, trained in vendor-independent service methodologies, yet familiar with the technologies of the leading storage solutions in the market.

We believe that this is the largest collection of storage specialists in the country. We maintain an unwavering focus on client satisfaction through reliable service delivery. Our success is achieved only when we can make your storage investment a success. This is the true value that FPI brings to your storage needs.