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Security Services

FPI’s Security Services are the answer to your information security needs. Our methodology works on the five basic principles of information security, which are confidentiality, availability, accessibility, authentication/authorization, and accountability/non-repudiation.

FPI offers best-of-breed information security solutions for your ICT infrastructure. This includes solutions for your Firewall/VPN, Intrusion Detection, Anti-virus, Content Filtering, Threat Management, Tokens, Biometrics, and many other information security requirements.

FPI also offers information security services for your ICT infrastructure. This includes services such as Security Audit, Security Policy Development and Review, Information Security Training, Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Analysis, and Managed Security services.

Backed by a number of qualified security specialists, FPI’s Security Services assure you that your information security system will not be compromised 24x7x365.

FPI's Security Services offer the following benefits

  • Safeguards the integrity of your ICT Infrastructure
  • Assures that information is share among authorized persons within your organization
  • Assess current ICT infrastructure threaths and vulnerabilities
  • Provides recommended actions that will work in the context of your business goals.

Security Check

Security Audit Services is a process of determining the security weaknesses of an information system by conducting a series of tests and scans of your ICT infrastructure, and a thorough review of security policies and procedures.

To achieve a highly secure ICT infrastructure, FPI offers the following security audit services:

  • A comprehensive site survey that includes site inspection, interrogation with client's staff, review of existing architecture and configuration documentation, analysis of connectivity and access controls, and evaluation of security policies, choices, and goals in the context of business goals.
  • A series of port scans within perimeter network and any external connections, electronic commerce gateways, inter- or intra-company LAN/WAN connectivity, overall corporate installation at a given site or location, and entire computing installation at a given site or location
  • An analysis of the survey and port scans, which will be used as a benchmark for your information security system. This will include identification of vulnerabilities, recommendation of corrections, solutions, and implementation priorities, and discussion of trade-offs between cost, ease of use, business requirements, and acceptable levels

After every security audit, FPI provides a detailed report that includes an executive summary, findings/results, recommended actions, and implementation plan. Security audit is available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Security Policies

Security Policy Development and Review is a procedure of determining whether the present security policies meet the requirements of the information system. Implementing a security policy and development review sustains your organization's mission and goals, provides cost benefit analysis of security measures, prepares your organization in dealing with incidents and implementation of countermeasures if necessary, and reduces the liability resulting from prohibited and illegal disclosure of information.

FPI will do a policy review by examining existing policy statements, assessing implementation efforts of existing policies, identifying any weaknesses based on industry standards, and identifying policy implications of external connections to corporate information processing resources and databases. Security policy and development review is available on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Other information security services offered are vulnerability testing, managed security, and training.