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Platform Services

Maintaining your mission-critical systems

An integral part of the Fujitsu Philippines Inc. (FPI) platform solution set is a suite of services to help you manage your computer server platforms.

FPI has been one of the leading providers of enterprise technology support. FPI provides maintenance support for all Fujitsu brand server platforms, as well as other major brands of Unix and Intel Architecture servers, from workgroup to enterprise servers. Our commitment, knowledge, and experience in managing mission-critical IT systems give us a unique ability to anticipate and meet our customers' hardware support needs.

The most basic computer platform process is managing system availability and service levels. Today, most data center platforms should deliver 99+ % system availability and acceptable performance levels.

Also, computer platforms need to provide optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to the enterprise. Reducing the complexity of running and managing the data center results in reductions to operating expenses. Scalability is also important, since the investment in computing platforms is protected even as enterprise computing volumes increase rapidly.

Operational Efficiency

For these computing platform concerns, the critical success factor is the performance of the support service provider.

Platform services help you manage your data centers and computing platforms from many viewpoints - from service levels and operational efficiency to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). is aligned to your needs, and designed to provide the support services you require. Among them are:

Site Preparation and Planning Services - for new or renovated platform locations

Installation Services - deploys your platform with the least cost, in the shortest time

Platform Maintenance Service - keeps platform availability at the highest levels

Platform services provide your organization with the framework for the critical support to run and operate your computing platforms and data centers within the service levels you have committed to your users. As a result, your business can derive real benefits:

  • Higher data center availability means better customer service, by providing your consumers and users easy access to mission-critical applications.
  • Minimal platform interruptions translate to higher operating efficiencies for the business processes that you support. Better platform service levels result in better business throughput, allowing more business transactions to be processed by your computing platforms.
  • Your cost of operations is minimized, since on-going maintenance and support costs are optimized.
  • Your computing platform investment is protected, since preventive maintenance extends the usable life of your equipment.
  • Your need for scarce IT talent is more manageable, tasks and responsibilities are instead delivered by FPI.

Committed Service Levels

Platform services suite is designed to help you achieve and exceed your service level commitments to the users of your platforms.

  • We provide flexible services, so you can meet your service level agreements with your end users.
  • We have well-trained and highly qualified engineers and specialists to help deliver our guaranteed service levels.
  • We are configured to support all your platforms, even the non-Fujitsu ones.
  • We understand that most enterprises carry heterogeneous computing platforms, therefore we provide support for almost all major brands.
  • Our 24-hour Call Center infrastructure acts as your Single Point of Contact to receive and immediately respond to your call.
  • We know that every minute saved is vital to your data center operations.
  • We provide 24-hour, 7-day support services, to ensure minimal interruption on your mission-critical systems.

Maximum Benefits

Platform service and support are at the heart of customer satisfaction. It is our goal to make sure you receive the maximum benefits from all of our service offerings, helping you achieve your business and operational goals, and reach a new level in performance. We offer you an impressive and flexible range of deliverables to meet your ever-changing requirements:

As in any service business, the critical success factor is people. FPI has invested in the technology engineers to make platform services a reality.