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PABX Services

With over 12 years of proven experience in providing PABX support services, Fujitsu Philippines, Inc.'s goal is to provide you with seamless support services and maintain an excellent on-going support plan. FPI's comprehensive business communications services provide all the resources you need for your business communications requirements.

Tailored Approach

All of our solutions include a tailored approach to customer care, call management, fault management, capacity management, and reporting. Our services' contracts guarantee service levels and provide a single point of contact for day-to-day communications. Service status is communicated through scheduled operational reviews and we continuously monitor our performance to ensure your satisfaction.


Our expertise gives you:

  • A market leader in technology and services
  • Vendor support and management
  • Skilled resources
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Customer-driven solution process
  • Professionalism


Through FPI's call center facility, the customer has access to maintenance services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with absolute on-site service level commitments. The customer can be assured that service is available whenever and wherever it is needed. Service level is defined in terms of the work and deliverables to be completed within specified time scales. The customer is given full control on the terms and conditions as the basis of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Our maintenance services go beyond traditional services by assessing the performance of the PABX and recommending ways to continuously meet the demands of your business. This is done through fault trend analysis, SLA monitoring, and periodic meetings.


Call Center Systems have been changing the way we do business and have become an invaluable tool to increase productivity and improve customer relationship management. Our maintenance package will ensure the continuous operation of your Call Center through careful monitoring and religious maintenance. Service can be done onsite or on a more convenient and faster method through remote connection.

Critical Support

FPI's business communications services provide your organization with the framework for the critical support to manage your communication facilities efficiently and effectively. As a result, your business can derive real benefits:

  • Higher PABX availability means better employee productivity by providing you with uninterrupted use of PABX facilities.
  • Higher PABX availability means better customer service by providing you easy access to your products and services.
  • Report generation helps you analyze your system resources.
  • Better service levels result in better internal operating efficiencies, especially for mission-critical support processes.
  • Your total cost of operations (TCO) is optimized, whenever your PABX systems are tuned and properly managed.