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Application Platform Migration

The world of Information Technology is constantly moving and evolving. Open source platforms are rapidly gaining popularity all throughout the world, because they are continuously improving and are very cost effective. Companies are now looking to take advantage of this. The challenge is how.

As part of WeServ’s goal to be a world-class ICT services provider, Platform Migration is one of the outsourcing services we offer. Applications are migrated horizontally from one platform to another, with absolutely no functional changes. Requirements such as performance, security, and compatibility will remain unchanged, if not improved.

Legacy applications may be moved to more cost-effective open architectures and environments, even making them Internet-enabled. With the speed at which new technology emerges, converting legacy applications reduces hardware costs and keeps your business competitive. By modernizing legacy applications, the need for expensive specialized skill sets is eliminated.

WeServ has dedicated itself to limiting the high migration costs usually associated with platform migration and reducing the conversion time, making it a viable option for improvement.