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Applications Development

The development, maintenance and enhancement of custom made applications all fall within the scope of this service. Software may be developed to run on open platforms or on selected proprietary platforms, as well. In order to ensure the delivery of comprehensive, high quality service in line with our unwavering dedication to customers, WeServ follows a unique Software Development Life Cycle developed by the Fujitsu-acquired DMR consulting.

This structure, combined with our staff’s expertise in the various technologies used in the industry, make us one of the leading service provider of ICT services. Such steps are taken to ensure the quality of our custom made applications. Our software competencies include:

  • JAVA
  • J2EE
  • Visual Basic
  • .Net
  • ProIV

ProIV is a fourth-generation programming language. It has a very active community of programmers worldwide, with about a thousand to five thousand users. ProIV is usually used in business applications, which heavily revolve around databases. ProIV supports a variety of operating systems, as it can be used for different platforms.

The productivity WeServ's experienced ProIV programmers is high and effective. Server-side ProIV applications require a small degree of care from the programmer, making them very portable. ProIV applications perform very well, and is easily scalable.

Our methodology is supported by a numerous tools that make use of the best practices of the industry. We translate these tools and procedures into efficiency to better serve the purpose of your businesses.