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Systems Integration

Your trusted partner for systems integration

Fujitsu delivers various Information Technology products and services to large business and government clients. We have first-hand experience with a wide range of business and technology areas. This enables us to develop in-depth technical and project management skills, which we use to provide solutions to our clients' business problems, resulting in a competitive advantage for them.

FPI offers its clients the systems integration services to assist them in taking advantage of their most important asset: information. Our role is to allow our clients to focus on and fulfill their primary business mission, while we provide the technology to meet the changing demands of their marketplace. Our own success is therefore measured by the success of our clients' businesses.

Systems Integration Services

"Systems integration" is the complex process of bringing together hardware, software, telecommunications, and people to apply Information Technology to solve business problems. FPI systems integration services including among others:

  • Designing, developing and implementing new application systems;
  • Customizing and implementing proven off-the-shelf application systems;
  • Supplying or upgrading computer processing facilities;
  • Change management, training, consulting, and technology transfer;
  • Ongoing field support and maintenance;
  • Network design, implementation and operations;
  • On-going management and support of IT facilities, resources and processes and,
  • Over-all project management (including project financing, if needed).

This complex activity requires a mix-and-match of several distinct technologies, with the objective of providing compatibility and interoperability among different equipment and services. Within the Fujitsu group, we have developed the various methodologies and practices needed to successfully manage systems integration.

More importantly, FPI’s system integration services provide its clients with a single-point accountability for end-to-end specification, procurement, development, test, implementation, operations, and maintenance of business solutions for an end-user requirement.