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Scalable File Server Solution

Support of Scalable File Server Solution has ended on December 26, 2014.

A low-cost, scalable file server solution using Symantec FileStore + PRIMERGY + ETERNUS disk storage systems. Symantec FileStore allows ETERNUS disk storage systems to be used as a file server.

The resulting system can scale out and is easier to manage. This means file server environment deployment at lower-cost compared to using a system consisting of traditional file servers based on general servers and Linux OS.

Example of Basic Configuration (Recommended)

Key Features Benefits
Scalability & large capacity
  • Symantec FileStore + PRIMERGY servers + ETERNUS disk storage systems with flexibility and scalability to meet the requirements of growing storage capacity and performance, users can start with a minimum configuration.
  • You can start small and expand for higher performance and larger capacity, all the while being able to respond to operational requirement changes after installation.
  • The system can scale out to 128 TB per file system and 1 PB overall, just by adding more ETERNUS disk storage systems.
  • Online disk drives or Solid State Drives (SSD) are suited to systems requiring high-performance and adopting RAID 1+0 ensures high-speed access, while Nearline disk drives are ideal for systems that need to operate at reduced cost.
  • Further flexibility by supporting different RAID levels. The creation of storage pools using RAID levels based on disk drive types and system configurations allows customers to meet their system requirements more specifically.
  • Efficient storage investment by the ability to select storage configurations matching operational requirements.
  • Small ETERNUS systems already include enterprise functionalities, which reduces cost as a result.
High availability
  • FileStore’s stable system operation of redundancy and data protection function combined with highly reliable PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS disk storage systems.
  • The function ensures reduction of total storage cost and optimization of data usage efficiency.

Operational environment

Software Symantec FileStore
Server PRIMERGY RX300 S8
Disk storage system ETERNUS DX60 S2 / DX100 S3 / DX200 S3

Fibre Channel Switches

Brocade series

2 unit configuration for redundancy, which is necessary for on-line node and storage expansion.

Fujitsu defines the following four "types for use" and verifies them all.

Type for use


Shared FileServer

The terminal is connected to about 3,000 from several hundred such as Linux and Windows. Then, the model is a shared file server to store and office files of each individual or organization. Access controls of the stored file / folder are set in detail by the Windows extended ACL.

VMware DataStore

The model is used as a DataStore of VMware.


This model is a file server for storing streaming data and experimental data for HPC.
The size of the stored files is the maximum number of TB. In addition, the throughput performance is required in sequential access.


The file server for specific software such as ECM software and archiving software. For archiving applications, most of the access is a write.

Note: This solution is available in Japan and other APAC regions. For North America, the same solution is already being provided by Fujitsu America Inc.