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Lock, Stock and Travel

Computer Times 11 Feb 2004

The LifeBook B5010 offers several ways to secure data in a notebook, one more reason why this ultra-portable makes a good travelling companion.

- Fujitsu LifeBook B5010
- $3,688 (with GST)
- Available from authorised Fujitsu dealers

The Fujitsu LifeBook B5010 can complete almost any task you throw at it and it also has a Compact Flash card slot not found in many other notebooks.

Overview: If you are on a business trip, Fujitsu's LifeBook B5010 is probably one of the best notebooks to travel with. It is small, slim (2.3cm thick) and light (1.4kg). Equipped with a 1GHz Intel Pentium M processor, which is based on the Centrino Mobile Technology, the notebook is wireless-ready, so you can easily log onto the Internet and surf at airports or in public places. It fits nicely on the standard tray table in an aircraft. But as a regular notebook, you may find the keyboard and its screen too small for comfort.

Features: Fujitsu offers several security features like a Bios (basic input/output system) lock, hard disk lock and an anti-theft lock slot. Great for corporate users who demand data security.

With the 1GHz Pentium M processor, it can complete almost any office task you throw at it. Fujitsu ships the review machine with a 256MB DDR RAM and a 40GB hard disk. This ultra-portable features a modem, Ethernet, PCMCIA slot and two USB 2.0 ports. There is also a Compact Flash card slot - an added feature not found in many other notebooks.

Also a blessing: Fujitsu bundles a port replicator. This device acts as an extension of the notebook, giving users access to more ports and slots like a serial and parallel port.

Like most ultra-portables, the B5010 does not come with a built-in optical device. You need to fork out an additional $599 for an external CD-RW.

Keyboard and screen: If you need to type a 10-page report - the small keyboard and the equally small 12.1-inch XGA TFT screen can make working difficult. I tend to hit the wrong buttons on the keyboard and the screen size also means that I have to keep scrolling up and down to view my documents.

Performance: It scored 146 points on the MobileMark 2002 bench test which is actually a credible performance for a 1GHz processor. The B5010 also has a good battery-life of more than 3.5 hours. Performance on graphics scored only 93 points on the 3DMark 2003 test, so those who needs to work on graphics and image files will find this aspect lacking in the B5010.

Software: Comes pre-installed with Microsoft XP Home Edition plus utilities like Norman Virus Control and Norman Personal Firewall. Reviewer's comments: The Fujitsu B5010 appeals to the executive who needs a light and portable notebook for his travels but he will need a full-sized notebook or desktop PC at the office.

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