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Geek Notes "More Battery Life with this Tablet PC"

The Straits Times 13 Jan 2004

Fujitsu has just released a sleek new Tablet PC, aptly called the Stylistic ST5010.

It weighs in at 1.5kg and has a compact 12,1 inch screen - which is roughly the length of the entire device. The machine features Intel's Centrino technology, and is powered by the ultra low-voltage Pentium M 1GHz processor and 855GMA chipset - so wireless surfing is taken care of, and you should get more battery life as well.

It supports 802.11 a, b and g standards.

The hard disk starts at 40GB, and the Stylistic features a dedicated slot for portable smart cards so you can move your data around easily. It goes for $4,688 and should be available from end of this month.

Reproduced courtesy of The Straits Times.