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Feature Stories

Recently at Fujitsu

Remote Support Improves Maintenance and Inspection Efficiency Case Studies Demonstrate Power of Worker Efficiency

IoT-based Visualization and Analysis of Worker Movements Improving the Efficiency and Safety of Warehouse Operations

World's New Smallest LPWA-Compliant IoT Device That Eliminates Battery Replacement!

Skills for Surviving the Age of AI

Guarding against a crisis in serviced accommodation for senior citizens

A Wearable Speech Translation Device That Translates Voices by Easy, Hands-free Operation

IoT Utilization Now Practical at a Time When Safety Management is Being Re-evaluated

Survival Skills in the Age of AI

Drawing closer to people combining robot technology and AI (expressing emotions)

Drawing closer to people combining robot technology and AI (expressing emotions)

Completely Different Approach Becomes the Norm — Protection against Cyberattacks in the Digital Transformation Era

"Detection" Focused Countermeasures Have Reached Their Limits How to Defend Companies from Intensifying Cyber-attacks

Future Trends in Systems Supporting the Digital Shift: Defining a Completely Customer-focused Cloud

The Optimal Solution for Cloud Migrating of Mission Critical System: IaaS That Meets the Needs of Enterprise

Development of Korea's First Uniform Management Platform of Biometric Information for Financial Institutions

Monitoring Worker Status with IoT to Ensure Worksite Safety

The Importance of User Behavior Analytics in Security by Design

Empty-handed Shopping with Palm Vein Authentication Safe and Convenient Payment Solution Driving the Korean Financial Industry

INEA Case Study
The Chinese Version of Industry 4.0 Using IoT and Big Data - A Case Study of INESA

Let Productivity Soar! An Innovative IoT Solution Visualizes the Product Repair Process


4 April 2016
Fujitsu Journal

1 April 2016
Fujitsu Brand Story : 80 years of shaping tomorrow with you

22 March 2016
Fujitsu Journal

18 March 2016
CEO perspective on digital transformation

8 March 2016
Fujitsu Journal

29 February 2016
Innovation in healthcare IT

22 February 2016
Fujitsu Journal

17 February 2016
Linda Hill on leading innovation

10 February 2016
Cutting-Edge R&D FSTJ2016-January

9 February 2016
Fujitsu Journal

25 January 2016
Fujitsu Journal

25 January 2016
Omni-channel reality check

18 January 2016
Living in a hyperconnected world

14 January 2016
Insight from Aviva CIO


15 December 2015
Fujitsu Vision

15 December 2015

11 December 2015
Digitalize with confidence

9 December 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : Striving in sports

1 December 2015
FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

30 November 2015

16 November 2015
Business leaders on this year's key trends

2 November 2015
Smart Mobility FSTJ2015-October

26 October 2015

23 October 2015
Insight: IT leaders on journey to cloud

13 October 2015

13 October 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : Fujitsu Kids Event 2015

1 October 2015
New ETERNUS CD10000 S2 Hyperscale Storage

28 September 2015

16 September 2015
Reshaping public sector IT

14 September 2015
Human Centric Innovation in Action

7 September 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : The 23rd World Scout Jamboree JAPAN 2015

20 August 2015
Enabling Digital

13 August 2015
I-CIO interview: New economic dynamics in Asia

3 August 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : FCT Kids Robot Event

3 August 2015
The perfect balance with Hybrid IT

29 July 2015
Maximize your Enterprise Data Value

28 July 2015
Healthcare Solutions for the Future FSTJ-July

1 July 2015
New ETERNUS DX Enterprise Storage

11 June 2015
I-CIO interview: Why networked businesses win

1 June 2015
Connected Retail

1 June 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : SHAPING TOMORROW

18 May 2015
Server and Storage story for SMBs

11 May 2015
I-CIO interview: IT that inspires the business

20 April 2015
Middleware Technologies FSTJ2015-April

13 April 2015
A new approach to creating value

9 April 2015
I-CIO interview: The rise of the app economy

6 April 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : Striving to build better data centers

31 March 2015
Your Fast Track to Data Center Infrastructures

31 March 2015
World Tour 2015

2 March 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : shaping the learning journey of future generations together with St Andrew's College

25 February 2015
I-CIO Big Thinker Interview: Tango Matsumoto

19 February 2015
Fujitsu Scholarship

16 February 2015
Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2014

12 February 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story

2 February 2015
Education Solutions FSTJ2015-January

27 January 2015
Fujitsu Forum 2014

27 January 2015
Technology Perspectives (Dr. J. Reger)

27 January 2015
I-CIO Big Thinker Interview: David Bulman

27 January 2015
Create the Human-Centric Workplace

27 January 2015
Fujitsu Brand Story : FUJITSU Corporate Profile


3 Dec 2010
The Next Big Step from Fujitsu and Oracle

1 Dec 2010
Reduce carbon emissions with Green IT

24 Nov 2010
Business and technology are becoming increasingly complex.

1 Nov 2010

26 Oct 2010
ETERNUS CS Efficient Data Protection for Enterprises and the Mid-market

26 Oct 2010
Make IT Dynamic - Focus on running your business - not your IT

6 Oct 2010
Make IT Dynamic - Focus on running your business - not your IT

7 Sep 2010
Easy Business Continuity with VMware

10 Aug 2010
LTO-5 tape drives are now available for ETERNUS LT20/LT40/LT60 tape libraries.

9 Aug 2010
Analysis Technologies for Robust Fujitsu Products

28 July 2010
FUJITSU ETERNUS for Business Continuity ETERNUS DX90 disk storage & ETERNUS SF Express Remote Copy - synchronous and asynchronous storage-based replication

2 July 2010
Fujitsu Scholarship for Advanced Management Studies at JAIMS

12 May 2010
[SPARC Enterprise Case Study] New SPARC Enterprise M3000 based accounting system boosts performance and cost-efficiency

10 May 2010
Systems engineers' manufacturing innovation makes it possible for customers to speedily adopt high-quality and user-friendly systems.

20 April 2010
Interstage XWand 11 Powering next generation of financial reporting

16 February 2010
[Fujitsu in Our Daily Lives] Explore how Fujitsu is working to support social infrastructure.

1 February 2010
With R&D sites around the globe staffed by researchers of diverse backgrounds, Fujitsu brings together a wealth of ideas to enable a human-centric networked society.

27 January 2010
New entry-level disk storage system ETERNUS DX90 supports disaster recovery with remote copy function.

12 January 2010
Unix Server SPARC Enterprise Feature Story - Optimized IT Investment from a Compact yet Full Powered Processor Platform

7 January 2010
Unix Server SPARC Enterprise M9000 scored the highest record again for Two-tier SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark