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FES Software Factory Solution at Royal FrieslandCampina

Company Profile

The Royal FrieslandCampina is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. The company’s goal is to become the world’s most professional, successful, and attractive global dairy company by maximizing the up-and downstream products to be derived from milk.

The company prides itself on reaching millions with its products; and the Royal FrieslandCampina has consistently shown commitment to the global dairy market by developing innovations maximize the power and tap the potential of milk. As the number one dairy cooperative in the world, the Royal FrieslandCampina manages over 30 well-known brands, supplying over 8.7 billion kilograms of milk annually to 100 production and sales locations in 27 countries.

The Royal FrieslandCampina has a long history sustainable performance rooted in cooperation, commitment, and pragmatism. The company has an unparalleled brand heritage rmly anchored in the region in which its cooperatives originate—the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

In keeping with the times, it expanded into collaborations within dairy companies and cooperatives to ensure the delivery of the freshest products and their dominance in the market. As global trade emerged, the Royal FrieslandCampina pursued international development through well-founded mergers and acquisitions, which brought improved quality, new products, and new markets around the world.

The company’s brands are part of its long-term legacy, standing the test of time and further strengthened by the latest merger between Friesland and Campina. This legacy further reinforces its international reach, providing an international perspective grounded inregional dairy production and productivity.

The Challenge

Support the operations of merged businesses by migrating from legacy systems into a consolidated system for marketing, manufacturing, sales and supply chain operations

The Project

Following its much-hailed merger completed last December 31, 2008, the Royal FrieslandCampina is embarking on updating its legacy systems in marketing, manufacturing, selling, and supply chain consolidation to provide support for superior business decisions in an increasingly global business. The Royal FrieslandCampina decided to use SAP and partnered with Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions, based on the company’s credibility and its capacity to provide support within Asia.

The Royal FrieslandCampina had the following key goals in launching its SAP enterprise resource planning solution:

  • Increase quality in business operations
  • Achieve data consistency
  • Provide superior support for business decision process
  • Enable additional customer support similar to EDI

The Royal FrieslandCampina took five months of preparation to scout for vendors and a support system. Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions met the company’s requirements based on its decision matrix, comprising references, methodology, quality of support sta, credibility, pricing, reliability of SAP partners, and of course, compliance to the contract and the schedule. The first SAP implementation went live in January 1, 2005, followed by 3 country rollouts in Asia. Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions provided consultants to support the Royal FrieslandCampina’s 25 core group members to implement the new SAP system.

Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions provided the dairy company with a go-live support team that the Royal FrieslandCampina deemed “perfect” as they showed exibility, willingness to succeed, and going the extra mile through overtime hours and overseas travel for support. This resulted in a quick adaptation and implementation of the SAP functions, with Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions using a precision, military approach to ensure that the solution was implemented on schedule and as per contract.

The factory is a software development system with the input being a functional specication of the software required and the output is the completed programs. The factory will produce technical documentation required to develop and maintain the software. Testing processes and quality control are used to ensure the output matches the functional specications. Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions integrates the factory with the Consulting and Support teams to provide complete services for application implementation and management.

Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions Software Factory is a turnkey solution that includes the following services:

  • Application development and management
  • Application implementation project services
  • SAP application management and support

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The Benefit

  • Increased quality in business operations
  • Data consistency
  • Superior support for business decision process
  • Additional customer support similar to EDI