The CELSIUS workstations from Fujitsu offer enormous graphics and computing capability as well as a high degree of stability and reliability, which makes them perfect for all multimedia and collaboration installations.

Maik Langer, Managing Director Langer IT Solutions GmbH
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Langer IT Solutions GmbH

Using Fujitsu’s CELSIUS workstations and the smartPerform software, Langer IT has developed the ideal concept for interactive multimedia installations.


Langer IT Solutions GmbH has been planning and integrating stable and high-per¬formance IT solutions for maximum graphics requirements at the national and inter¬national level since 2001. Founded in 2001 as Datatechnix Consulting, the company expanded into Langer IT Solutions GmbH in the year 2017.


Langer IT needed high-performance computers for interactive multimedia installations in its reception, show and meeting rooms. They must guarantee fail-safe 24/7 operations along with stable presentation and collaboration processes.


With the FUJITSU CELSIUS J580 Small Form Factor workstation, Langer IT now has the most powerful Small Form Factor in the market and also a robust wireless single-processor desktop workstation in the form of the CELSIUS M770. The smartPerform standard software from Im¬mersion7 GmbH is used as the software platform for presentations and collaboration purposes.


  • Maximum graphics performance in a Small Form Factor
  • Flexible and scalable computing performance
  • Guarantees stable and fail-safe applications for presentations, meetings and collaboration
  • Seamless integration into reception, meeting room and showroom architectures
  • High-performance hardware platform for the interactive smartPerform standard software
  • Customizing options for a variety of customer requirements

Download Full Case Study PDF

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