The whisper-quiet CELSIUS M770 workstations from Fujitsu with their tremendous graphics and processing power form the ideal basis for high-resolution and high-end visualization solutions.

Maik Langer, Managing Director Langer IT Solutions GmbH
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Langer IT Solutions GmbH

Langer IT, in cooperation with okulon and Barco, uses CELSIUS workstations from Fujitsu to realize innovative visualization solutions.


Langer IT Solutions GmbH has been planning and integrating stable and high-performance IT solutions for maximum graphics requirements at the national and international level since 2001. Founded as Datatechnix Consulting, the company expanded into Langer IT Solutions GmbH in the year 2017.


Langer IT requires high-end computers for the visual preparation and innovative presentation of complex CAD models. They must provide high processing power so that complex geometries can be integrated in virtual camera movements.


Langer IT relies on compact and powerful FUJITSU CELSIUS M770 to provide concentrated computing power to the visualization solution from okulon GmbH. The internal bandwidth in particular allows the application, the tracking interaction medium and the visual output to work simultaneously.


  • Powerful graphics performance for technically demanding virtual reality installations
  • Stable and fail-safe operations for every presentation form (curved, dome, L-shape, flat)
  • Elegant and space-saving installation in racks thanks to the compact design
  • Streamlined and efficient systems with high-performance individual workstations instead of cumbersome clusters
  • Maximum flexibility based on control via mobile workstations

Download Full Case Study PDF

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