With a cloud version, there’s no need to use a demonstration model, and we realized that we can let customers use the actual system for free for a trial period, which revolutionized our sales style.

Hitoshi Shimeki, Head of Assistant Manager Logistics 1st Sect Logistics Solutions Sales Department
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Nav Assist

Transitioning software to the cloud with MetaArc


Nav Assist is a system development company founded in 1975 and headquartered in Gunma Prefecture. The company specializes in the development of the Navisia series of solutions, which each focus on one specific industry and provide all necessary functionality.


Nav Assist’s package software had matured, and it faced the stage of considering a transition to the cloud. It had some issues with demonstrations and installations under the on-premises environment, and these issues were influencing sales activities.


Transitioning existing software to the cloud is easy with the FUJITSU MetaArc Partner Program, promoting a revolution in sales style and deployment support by providing everything to the customer instantly, including test runs and demos.


  • FUJITSU MetaArc digital business platform enables flexible migration to the cloud
  • Fujitsu provides a full support program for transitioning Nav Assist’s package software to the cloud
  • FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 encourages new business through partnerships and collaboration

Download Full Case Study PDF

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