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The Preferred Telecom Partner

With telecommunication infrastructure becoming a standard in the dynamic global economy, developing countries have raced to connect to the rest of the world by building their own domestic telecommunications network.

Amidst these globalization-driven activities, Fujitsu Network Solutions Ltd.(FNETS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, formed Fujitsu Telecom Systems Philippines, Inc. (FTSP) in April 1999. FTSP is the implementation center of excellence and the support center hub for majority of FNETS telecommunications projects.

Since then, FTSP has been involved in telecommunications engineering services in Asia like Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Sri Lanka to name a few. Its engineering services and project management expertise have reached the African continent, through Zimbabwe, when it was tapped to install the countrywide telecommunication infrastructure, a first in the African country.

With customer satisfaction as the battle cry, FTSP will continuously develop its workforce, shaping the company to become a progressive, technically competent telecom engineering service provider in the region.

"In every involvement, in every area of the world and on every culture, FTSP earned the customer's respect and trust because of its technical expertise but more importantly because of its inherent ability to adapt to the customer's idea of service."