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Fujitsu Telecom Systems Philippines, Inc.

  Company Facts

  • Fully owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited (FNETS)
  • Connections in more than 20 countries
  • Date Established: April 1999
  • Line of Business:
    - Network design
    - Installation & maintenance of switching equipments
    - Fiber optic links
    - Hub support for FNETS

Corporate Profile

Fujitsu Telecom Systems Philippines, Inc. officially started its business operations on April 1, 1999. The main function of FTSP is to provide the telecom engineering requirements and to serve as the hub support center for Fujitsu Network Solutions Ltd (FNETS) worldwide telecommunications projects.

Since then, FTSP has been actively involved in providing telecommunications engineering services focusing in the areas of network design, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance of switching, transmission and radio equipment, as well as fiber optic links.

FTSP is a 100% subsidiary of Fujitsu Network Solutions Ltd (FNETS) of Japan, while FNETS in turn is a 100% owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited. FNETS fully supports FTSP with management guidance and keeps it abreast on the latest technology in the telecommunications business, drawing from its over 15 years of experience, and connections in more than 20 countries around the globe. In two years since its incorporation, FTSP has managed to gain remarkable growth by capitalizing on its major strength over and above technology: it's human resource. FTSP management and staff are recognized among the best in their field, bringing with them solid years of on-the-ground experience, not to mention the dedication and hard work that everyone puts into every project assignment.

Furthermore, FTSP has invested in manpower training and development of its engineers by sponsoring technical training and exposure on actual telecom engineering projects (on the job training). With the main goal of fully developing FTSP workforce, FTSP moves towards continuous transformation, shaping the company to be a progressive, technically competent, and effective business partner.

The company is also currently evaluating the future demands of the business. It tries to keep updated with the new technologies and trends to be highly competitive and responsive with the present and future requirements of its clients.