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Our Global Reach

To achieve its goal of becoming the leading ICT player in the Philippines, FPI has embarked on a strategy of exporting its technology services. By leveraging skills for the global ICT market, FPI ensures that its people possess the service capability that will meet client expectations, whether Philippine or foreign.

Currently, about 40 percent of our service workload is done for foreign customers in North America, ASEAN, Japan, Europe and Australia. Our customers come from both our sister companies in the Fujitsu International Group of Companies, as well as from non-Fujitsu end-users or technology companies from around the world.

As a matter of policy, we generally seek those projects where work can be brought to the Philippines so that the human resource is not dissipated and the collective skill and experience is preserved for future projects. Successful projects cover the entire service spectrum, including software development, remote technical support, network design, and on-site field services.

This global strategy is consistent with FPI’s belief that its only asset is its workforce. To compete in the global market, FPI’s skills and methodologies must meet the very high levels demanded by customers in the first-world countries. By doing so, both our Philippine and foreign customers get only the higher capability and better service levels from FPI.