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Our People, Our Asset

For the latest fiscal year, about 51 percent of FPI’s business is derived from services and software. Truly, the majority of our business is now “knowledge-based”, in contrast to the “product-based” outlook of a traditional hardware vendor.

As in any knowledge-based business, the key competitive business advantage is the collective skills, experience, and work ethics of the people. While our accounting records may point to facilities, fixtures, and property as our major assets, the true picture is that our people are our only assets.

We are very proud to say that the FPI Group has the largest pool of ICT professionals in the country, with over five hundred full-time employees and contractors. This translates to an incredible advantage for our customers, in terms of our capability to handle more complex SI projects, shorter implementation schedules, and lower labor costs (as compared to using expatriate talents).

To keep this competitive advantage, we view our human resource base as a strategic investment. We continue to hire people, even when the Philippine market slows down. We spend a disproportionate amount of time and money on recruitment, entry-level “boot camp” training, and advanced technical training (both local and foreign).