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The Company We Keep

It is said that one can judge a person by the company he keeps. As a measure of its credibility and respectability in the Philippines, FPI has a customer roll that reads like a Who’s Who of Philippine business.

Out of the top 100 companies in the Philippines, more than half are customers of FPI and its subsidiaries. FPI has built an enviable track record of successful projects, especially among the largest enterprises in the telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries. Likewise, FPI has delivered for selected large high-impact government projects.

But FPI has not limited itself to the biggest companies. In many smaller niches, we have taken a long-term view and deliberately built a solid customer base. For example, we have a loyal following among relatively smaller businesses in the Visayas-Mindanao area, in the Calabarzon, and in the Subic Bay area, because of the presence of our front-line service offices that cater to customers in those localities.

Likewise, we have also chosen to work with schools, hospitals, churches, and other providers of basic social services. While this initiative may not generate substantial business, we strongly believe that we can enhance the efficiency of their social service delivery through technology.

At the end of the day, many of our customers become our long-term partners, with a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust. It is very gratifying to know that many of our customers from the start-up days in the 1970s are still our customers, even more than 25 years later.