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Changes in community attitudes and technology are redefining the Justice Services industry. Police forces and Courts are transforming into 'service' agencies that must exploit the latest technology to exchange information with other agencies and liaise effectively with the community.

Police require technology to counter increasingly sophisticated and organised criminals. Courts are adopting technology to reduce time to trial and minimise lengthy adjournments caused by incomplete briefs and court scheduling difficulties. The benefits of court’s digital transformation have been proven with customers deploying Fujitsu’s EquitasCM Digital Courts Management.

In many jurisdictions, offender management is being outsourced to commercial Justice agencies, and public institutions are facing increasing pressure to operate as commercial entities.

Five critical questions

  • How secure are your agency's knowledge management systems? Could people such as judges, witnesses, victims, offenders or informants be at risk?
  • Are your key resources deployed effectively or are they tied up with administrative tasks?
  • Is your agency ready to contribute to an end-to-end integrated Justice solution across justice agencies, which may also incorporate the private sector?
  • Can the community access your agency's services in an efficient and convenient way?
  • Do your agency's technology and business change initiatives deliver the expected results, and is Treasury and the community convinced that funds are well invested?

If these are the questions you are dealing with today, Fujitsu can help find answers with our extensive Justice solutions and experience.