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Desktop Virtualisation

Virtualisation is changing the landscape of IT and enterprises globally in more ways than one

The convergence of rising energy costs, increasing environmental awareness and stringent regulatory requirements has seen energy efficiency optimisation become a non-negotiable factor driving business IT strategy worldwide.

Our competitive Desktop Virtualisation solutions have been specifically designed with sustainability and performance front of mind. The outcome means our customers not only benefit from an enhanced end user experience but also significant reductions in carbon footprint and costs.

Used alongside thin client services, Fujitsu’s suite of Desktop Solutions have proven to reduce our clients’ carbon footprint and energy use by up to 80%. The upside represents more cash to invest in core revenue generating drivers of your business and peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is having minimal environmental impact.

Virtual desktop, real savings

Our Desktop Solutions streamline company’s IT infrastructure footprint by hosting numerous desktops on simplified, centrally managed mainstream platforms. What’s more, our Thin Client hosting servers, which negate the need for individual PC hard drives, fans and other moving parts, mean our customers can enjoy the benefits of their IT equipment lasting twice as long.

Our solutions mean the average 3 year equipment refresh cycle for traditional PC’s can be extended out much longer when hosting equipment reaches its end-of-life.

Virtualisation is also an important way organisations can prevent nasty toxins and pollutants like mercury, lead and cadmium potentially going to landfill and polluting our natural environment. This also reduces the increasing levels of e-waste generated going to landfill.

Let our solutions help you and your company become greener, less toxic and more competitive.

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