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Desktop Managed Service

Delivering via the Desktop

Across many office environments the desktop is often the greatest source of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. It comes as no surprise then that desktop efficiency should play a key role in any organisation’s IT Sustainability strategy.

A robust and sustainable approach to desktop computer power management implemented across a complex, decentralised IT infrastructure is the best way to do this. While this can be challenging, with Fujitsu’s expert guidance in Desktop Services we can help you transition towards more efficient desktop performance while delivering compelling cost savings and a lower emissions profile.

Fujitsu’s Desktop Managed Service

Often simple changes can lead to compelling outcomes. We’ve in-built environmental principles into Fujitsu’s Desktop Managed Service so we can deliver both cost savings to your organisation and drive down your environmental footprint. For example, we have helped our customers save up to 75% of the energy consumed by desktops by having them shut down desktops at night and applying the correct power saving policies. We can help you identify these and reroute your direction.

Even where employees are already turning off the desktops at night, our services can help organisations to achieve additional savings of more than 40%. If you spread these energy reductions across a 7,000 seat desktop estate this represents cost savings of more than half a million dollars per annum. Money that could be invested elsewhere in your business.

End to end sustainability, reduced environmental impact

It is estimated that over 1.6 million PCs end up in Australia’s landfill every year adding to the already growing problem of e-waste. We don’t want our customers to be contributing to these concerning statistics. From procurement right through to product disposal, our Desktop Managed Service has been designed with sustainability front of mind throughout our entire service offering.

From the recycling of PC packaging at our distribution centres, the delivery of power savings to customers, the extension of desktop life through effective maintenance activity, or the safe and sound disposal of the devices, our cradle to grave philosophy is all encompassing. Once we securely remove any sensitive data we also work closely with certified recycling specialists to recycle more than 90% of every decommissioned PC. And you can be rest assured you’re doing your best to keep e-waste to a minimum.

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