Fujitsu Cyber Resilience Centre

Fujitsu Managed Security Services - our cyber resilience teams constantly monitor the threat landscape and security challenges to keep your business protected and safe from attack

The security landscape is constantly changing but one thing remains constant: protecting data from cyber-attacks is now a global security issue. But it is not just external or malicious threats that have to be considered. There are also internal security risks from lost or stolen data. Fujitsu has established a next generation threat intelligence center centralizing security operations to meet regulatory and legal requirements relating to security monitoring, threat and vulnerability management and incident response.

Fujitsu’s Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) teams are on the frontline. They are monitoring the latest threats, responding to new security standards, and coming up with the best ways to deal with the issues.

We deliver a suite of managed cyber security services from our Cyber Resilience Centre:

  • Threat Analytics – where we collate and analyse events
  • Vulnerability Management – where we probe assets and configurations to identify weaknesses
  • Threat Intelligence – where we track external feeds to give early indications of potential targets
  • Threat response- where we help our customers to plan how to react effectively in the event of a breach or potential breach.

Fujitsu can help to protect your business through Cyber Resiliency allowing you to focus on delivering your business:

  • Providing a cyber security foundation
  • Monitoring and detecting the cyber threats organisations face
  • Responding to cyber security breaches

Mark Trumble - Head of Portfolio, Cyber Security

“Fujitsu Oceania is well placed to deliver on our expert capabilities and platforms with “security integrated” offerings for its customers, promoting next generation and innovative cybersecurity solutions that complement and better enable our clients’ business operating models.”

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