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Proven Industry Know-How

SPATIOWL is the result of Fujitsu's decade long engagements in automotive and ITS (Intelligent Transport System), using technologies such as system integration and datacenter and hardware applied to car navigation, drive recorder for corporate and individual vehicle.

Real-Time Moving Object Data Handling

What has differentiated SPATIOWL from most other similar services is its capability of handling real-time data from moving objects, that's key solution in the field of "IoT in Motion". This is only possible by using Fujitsu sophisticated and ultra-fast computational resources, big data management software algorithms, as well as its significant solution development capability.
SPATIOWL tracks the latitude and longitude coordinates of the moving objects and computes time-series of their movement.

Fujitsu Original Hadoop Technology: Big Data Parallel Processing

SPATIOWL utilises standard Hadoop (Apache). In addition, it uses a Fujitsu-proprietary distributed file system allowing big data transactions to perform 10 times faster (from an I/O performance) than standard Hadoop.

Analysis: Original and joint-research know-hows

SPATIOWL analytics capabilities come from both Fujitsu original analytics algorithms (Fujitsu Laboratories) and joint-research projects with prestigious academical institutions. Here are some references relating these capabilities;