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Managed Print Services

Storage Solutions

Our Solutions

A Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement provides a modular, flexible end-to-end service to ensure optimised copy and print availability. MPS reduces costs (from transitioning to a modern balanced fleet of devices and from transforming how print and copy is used), facilitates visibility and control of print and copy, improves service availability, increases user satisfaction and reduces the environmental impact from copy and print.

For more information, please download our Brochure PDF (1.58 MB ).

Our Approach

Remote device monitoring and management tools deployed by Fujitsu as part of the MPS continually collect device utilisation information, device status reports and incident alerts to central data repositories. This information enables Fujitsu to provide detailed usage reporting, monthly usage-based invoicing, just-in-time provision of consumables, pro-active incident resolution or service call scheduling and ongoing analysis and improvement recommendations. For reactive assistance the dedicated MPS service desk provides user support and user assistance.

Our Experience

Fujitsu’s MPS is a modular and flexible end-to-end service offered for both existing and new fleets of copy and print devices from all leading vendors. Fujitsu is a leading supplier of managed services and we have a depth of experience to analyse, design, implement and manage the optimised copy and print infrastructure and associated services for your organisation.

Our Benefits

Fujitsu’s MPS provide commercial and government organisations with:

  • Significant cost reductions
  • Service availability
  • Visibility and control
  • User satisfaction
  • Environmental benefits

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