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The space that we work in defines how we do our work. If the workplace does not support or inspire employees, this could hinder overall performance and workforce motivation. Our Employee Workplace solutions work to transform the current office space into one that fosters creativity, and drives productivity and growth. Employee wellness and safety are also key concerns forefront in the design of our workplace solution. Through enhancing existing spaces and introducing innovative technologies, Fujitsu strives to improve business agility and the employee-workplace experience.

Digital Facilities Management


Digital Facility Management services use digital technologies to enable cost reduction and improved experience for your workplace. From energy efficiency and safety systems to building management our connected services will support your workplace, enabling your employees to be more productive.
Complemented with our data & analytics practice, we can deliver you insights to make your workplace more efficient as well a simplify compliance.

Smart Office Services


Fujitsu has a range of Smart Office services to help your employees connect and collaborate.
Services include:

  • Occupancy and facility usage
  • People location identification and way finding
  • Customization and personalisation of environment
  • Real time facility booking
  • Buddy Connect application

Biometric Access Service


PalmSecure, our market-proven biometric authentication technology based on palm vein pattern recognition, has been shown to be one of the most accurate biometric authentication solutions currently available. PalmSecure provides a high level of accuracy, is easy to implement and uses a non-intrusive and contactless reader.
When used for building access management, it means your employees can come and go simply without the need to carry more cards.

Fujitsu’s ICT Sustainability Benchmark


Fujitsu’s ICT Sustainability Benchmark provides a rapid assessment of an organisation’s strengths and opportunities to save money and improve their sustainability profile.

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Sundar Viswanathan – Head of Portfolio, Digital Workplace Services

“It is now proven that a happy, productive and collaborative workforce delivers delightful customer experiences. Our mission is to work in partnership with our customers and partner eco-system to build smart, borderless and adaptive workplaces that support the work life shift experienced by the workforce and provide unparalleled user experience.”

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