Digital Workplace Technology Services for Employees

Fujitsu - delivering employee insight with in the digital workspace

Employee Insight solutions will help you grow a deeper understanding of your people and technology usage, maximising the productivity potential of your workforce as result. The solution will enable you to personalise and tailor resources according to your employee’s needs, allowing you to optimise overall business operations and deliver a superior employee experience.

End User Analytics


End User Analytics (EUA) is a simple way of collecting business data to help improve your employee experience and optimise productivity. It can reduce the costs of supporting and managing your workplace technologies by proactively identifying and diagnosing issues while generating real-time insights and continuous communication and feedback.

Intelligent Engineering


Predictive and preventive solutions keep your business running 24/7.
At Fujitsu we recognise the negative impact outages can have on revenue, business reputation and customer satisfaction. Our Intelligent Engineering approach moves away from reactive support to one that is proactive and focused on business outcomes.
It uses analytics to predict potential problems and through automation resolves them before they become issues, ensuring your business always remains up and running.
In doing so we

  • drive down incident rates and minimise resolution times
  • reduce downtime, improving customer experience
  • drive cost efficiencies
  • deliver support at a time that suits the user

Sundar Viswanathan – Head of Portfolio, Digital Workplace Services

“It is now proven that a happy, productive and collaborative workforce delivers delightful customer experiences. Our mission is to work in partnership with our customers and partner eco-system to build smart, borderless and adaptive workplaces that support the work life shift experienced by the workforce and provide unparalleled user experience.”

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