Human Centric Experience Design Workshops

To remain competitive in our digital world, your organisation requires customised solutions and services that have been uniquely designed and built by your people in collaboration with technical experts, to remove business concerns and complement your current and future ecosystem.

Our workshops inspire your business to embrace the future by developing a strategy and plan for digital transformation. We apply our refined methodology, Fujitsu's Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) to empower customers toward their digital journey. Join a workshop environment that is a true answer to dynamic partnership and design that encourages new and innovative methods of developing and building solutions that produce outcomes yet to be explored.

What to expect?


Hands-on workshops to empower you to innovate and advance your digital transformation journey.


Cutting-edge technology to excite; ideas and workshop materials are immediately digitised and ready for your use.


A team of experts, focused on collaboration, to define your team’s vision, discover innovative ideas and develop customised solutions.

How do we provide these HXD workshops?

We provide different workshop experiences to suit you and your customer’s needs. Want a combination of workshop delivery options? We can provide hybrid experiences as well! Get in contact with us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Onsite at our Digital Transformation Centre (DTC)

Our DTC is a dedicated, collaborative space with cutting-edge technologies, which inspires you to embrace the future.

Fujitsu has partnered with Macquarie University to bring this space, allowing us to utilise their extensive network of expertise and innovate together.

Address: Room 274, Level 2, Becton-Dickinson Building, 4 Research Park Drive, Macquarie University, NSW 2113, Australia


Maybe you or your customer are not based in Sydney?

Our Mobile HXD workshops allow us to co-create with customers across Australia while still using the same HXD approach. With our portable technology, our DTC can be delivered to any customer premise for workshops and events.


Maybe you would prefer a virtual experience instead? Or would want to take advantage of expertise outside of Australia?

Participants are now able join our workshops remotely anytime, anywhere and take part in the same HXD methodology.

Watch a hybrid workshop in action
with our Camp Quality workshop

Workshop Themes

Choose from the following workshop themes that we can tailor to your business needs. Contact us to find out more about the workshops we have available.


The workshop aim is to define and design a solution or concept that helps solve a focused business challenge.


The focus of this workshop is to agree on a joint set of values to build a partnering charter, focusing on the business relationship beyond contract deliverables.


The purpose of this workshop is to explore and develop new ideas where potential solutions may be addressed with emerging technology.


Fujitsu works together with you to co-design a proactive partnership exploring future-focused initiatives to achieve a joint vision.

Digital Transformation Stuck?

Fujitsu's talented and experienced experts help to bring ideas to life through collaborative engagement and a dynamic mix of knowledge, creativity, ideation and concept development.

Watch our video to see what true innovation looks like during a Digital Transformation Workshop.

Discover how our workshops have helped others

Ramy Ibrahim – Head of Portfolio, DX Services

“Through co-creation we work with our clients to transform their business leveraging data, AI and new technology to provide human centric needs and goals. We support our customers by focusing on their business challenge then looking at the art of the possible to fundamentally change how our customers operate in this digital era.”

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