Mprise Agriware® is a proven and comprehensive ERP solution for the Horticultural and Agricultural markets

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Fujitsu is the New Zealand and Australian reseller for Mprise Agriware®, solution delivery and support services. Mprise Agriware® is a software solution for horticultural and agricultural companies providing business software for growers, nurseries, propagators and agriculture producers.

An ERP application based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central focusing on the cultivation of young-plants, seedlings, vegetables and pot plants for:

  • Growers of potted plants, ornamentals, bedding, foliage, shrubs and trees
  • Nurseries and propagators of young plants, liners and seedling
  • Producers doing multiplication of seed, cuttings, tissue and culture
  • Breeders of vegetable plants and ornamental plants

Mprise Agriware® is a suite, choose the modules suiting your organisation and only implement what is relevant for your business model including:

Monitor margins by cost control

Use every inch of space available (area planning)

Produce on time due to a well-tuned production planning

One system for supporting all your processes; single entry saves time and prevents mistakes



User-friendly interface, providing a similar look and feel as common Microsoft products, like O365, D365 CE (CRM) and SharePoint.


Role specific support. This way your employees are supported in their specific jobs. With the up-to-date correct information, they can not only solve today’s problems, but also prepare for tomorrow.


On your terms. Your team can work when and wherever it performs best: at the office, at home or on the road. Thanks to the flexible cloud and on-premises implementation, you can specify whatever suits your company the most.


You and your staff can access your business data in real time, anywhere and on multiple devices.


Your system doesn’t need to be physically installed onsite, so you don’t need to pay out on expensive hardware.


Integration with other Microsoft platform tools such as outlook, word, excel for seamless working.


With decades of knowledge and experience behind us, our ERP team of experts are here to help you decide the functions in the solution that will best meet your requirements.

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